The Yule Shell

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September 14, 2020 by ellie892

Departure: December 23rd, 2019

Spain — done for now — off to Chicago! I will be passing back through at the end of January, on my return to the Mediterrranean Coast and South of France, where I’ll spend two weeks in February, 2020 volunteering at a community garden for another traveller I met, who lives in a village near the Pyrenees mountains. She too is travelling to Chicago to see her daughter who also lives near Chicago’s Logan Square. We exchange emails and decide to meet up for lunch in the Windy City during the Christmas holidays.

I realize how free and open my travel schedule has become and also plan to volunteer at a refugee camp in Calais. I marvel at how easy it is to move from one country to another. With two passports and plans to travel with only carry-on luggage after I drop off my large broken suitcase in my Windsor storage locker, I will move unencumbered. I have to return to the Canada every ninty – three days to retain that health coverge. Otherwise, there is nothing better and I feel so grateful for the time and resources to be able to zip from one nation to another. No fear! No doubt! It’s the holiday season and I’ll be petsitting my daughter’s cats until she returns from visiting her boyfriend in New Jersey! We’ll ring in 2020 together…eager for a clean slate and a new decade!

flight through time

fresh year trembles at our door

we mistake it for dancing

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